EpilatorReviewsGuide is founded by BearingBeauty, after experiencing the frustration of deciding which hair removal system to use on stubborn body hair-- that continues to be the curse of nearly every woman worldwide. Experimenting with various options available on the local high street, she settled on using an epilator for its speed, convenience and cost savings at removing those unsightly hairs.

Through the EpilatorReviewsGuide website, BearingBeauty blogs about her experiences of using an epilator so other woman can decide if it’s the right choice of hair removal for them.  With a guide written for beginners to explain how epilators work--tips on getting the best results from your hair removal routine and a roundup of the best epilators available to buy in the shops.

How do we choose the best epilators?

Product reviews on the EpilatorReviewsGuide website are through a scoring system, instead of based solely on the results of the hair removal process. Each epilator is given a score on features, design, price, accessories, end results and totalled up to give an overall score. The epilator with the highest score is my recommendation to you to purchase. All the reviews on this website are unbiased and through my own findings. They are not influenced in any way from the manufacturer, so this ensures the hair removal system I recommend is the one best suited to you.

Happy Epilating!


Learn how EpilatorReviewsGuide can make it easier to decide on the best hair removal products for use on your skin, with our in-depth reviews on epilators and tips to getting perfect healthy skin.

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