What is an epilator?

A questions surprisingly many ask but few know, is the meaning of an epilator and what they are used for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do epilators darken skin?
Unlike shaving, epilators do not darken the skin
Can epilators be used underarms?
Epilators are safe to use underarms but can be slightly more painful compared to using on legs.  It’s recommeded to use….
Can epilators damage skin?
Epilators do not cause damage to skin.
Can epilators cause scarring?
Epilators do not cause scarring as they don’t interact with the skin tissue.
Can epilators remove hair permanately?
An epilator only removes the hair follicle which the body then regrows.
Can epilators be used on eyebrows?
It’s generally recommended to use tweezers for eyebrows.
Do epilators cause ingrown hairs?
If the hair folicle is not properly removed or blocked, this can cause ingrown hairs.
Can epilators be used on the face safely?
The premium brands are supplied with various head attachments that can be used on the facial area. It’s advised to use these than the standard head.
Can epilators be used on the bikini area?
Epilators are safe to use around the bikini area and .